see extraction awards video in "IT GIOCA E VINCI" page
Write us by info@hotelcasaemilio.it if something it is not clear
The game aims to disseminate hotel Casa Emilio among Facebook users. (hotel Casa Emilio is a bed and breakfast with hotel services on request).
To join the game you need to have a facebook profile. If you don't have a facebook account open it. If You don't want open it email to info@hotelcasaemilio.it to be able to participate in other games and be updated about future offers.
The game (in English "give away") starts the 4/20/2016 at 20:00 (GMT+1 Italian time) and ends the 5/31/2016 at 20:00 (GMT+1 Italian time). It is giving away 2 prizes: PRIZE DRAW and PRIZE SKILL. For both prizes winning is a one week stay (7 nights) to Casa Emilio for you and your entire family (as attested by family status). Alternatively you can choose to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend or a friend. The stay should be used within the 16 December 2016 with the exception of August.

To participate in the prize draw you must perform the following actions:
• share the post "FREE: PLAY AND WIN A STAY" on your facebook timeline from facebook page where you read it.
• read the entire post and watch all the video in it annex (only takes about 2 minutes).
• Subscribe (sign in) to the game "FREE: PLAY AND WIN A STAY" on the website www.hotelcasasemilio.it
• make sure you clicked like Facebook page "hotel casa emilio Venezia Verona Mantova Bologna". Okay even if you clicked earlier.
For all subscribers to the game a winner will be chosen at random.
EXTRACTION MODE: at the end of the game will be numbered all the mails of the participants, and then it will extract a through www.random.org. After unpacking we will verify that the winner have shared the post on his facebook profile and clicked "like" the facebook page "hotel casa emilio Venezia Verona Mantova Bologna". If everything is ok the win is confirmed, otherwise it is changed to another draw.
ATTENTION: every person can join the game once. Subsequent entries will be void and only one entry will be counted. The same person with different email entries will result in disqualification of the participant.
If you wish to increase your chances of winning also participates in the prize skill .

The prize skill is another step of the game. By entering the prize skill You automatically participate in prize draw.
To participate in the prize skill you must respect both regulation of the prize draw and Prize skill.
Win the prize skill if you get the largest number of shares of post "FREE: PLAY AND WIN A STAY" you've posted on your facebook timeline.
You can participate in the post in Italian or in the post in English, or both. If you participate in both, remember that the game registration must be done only once. Subsequent entries will be void and only one entry will be counted.
You have to communicate your result with a comment in the post of the game posted on the Facebook page of "hotel casa emilio Venezia Verona Mantova Bologna" by the date and time of the end game. The communication of your result should be made as in the example below: for example if you've gotten your shares 18 at 14 May 21:26 post you have to write the comment: "18 share at 21:26 14 May" without adding other words otherwise your result may not be considered. If you want to write other things take another separate comment from the result that you want to communicate. ATTENTION: the date and time (14 May 21:26 example here) is the date and time of your post, NOT the date and time verifying the shares.

If during the game the result changes, make a new comment with updated data; Do not update your comment.
If in your facebook page make more than a share of this game, will be considered only the one with the highest number of shares.
In case of multiple wins you can withdraw one award, and another prize goes to second prize skill award.
In the event of a tie score the winner is who comunicate first its outcome (by the date and time of the comment of communication result, NO other date).

ATTENTION: count only the shares that others make of your post. You can't be the actor that share your post on a friend's timeline (it would be rude!)
If you want to share the post in a group you belong it, you can invite a friend to share it to the group.
TIPS: to achieve a high score , invite your friends to share your post, also invites your wife or husband to invite their friends to share your post.
Help your friends find your post tells them the date and time of your post.
Entice your friends to share your post saying that they can participate to the game too. So they can win (like you) the ideal stay for visiting Venice Verona Mantua Bologna and other attractions in the area.

Inappropriate behaviour (as participation with more email or different profiles related to the same person, insults to other participants, etc.) will result in disqualification of the participant.
If you communicate a number of apples is different from the number that we check, we will consider the lesser of the two. Please avoid to communicate incorrect data otherwise make difficult the verification tests.

If you have questions ask by using comment per post "FREE: PLAY AND WIN A HOLIDAY”, we will reply as soon as possible (usually within half a day or within 2 days)